Drywall Repair

Most of the interior finish in homes is Drywall also know as sheetrock and it is easily damaged.
We can install and repair drywall, sheet rock and plaster board. ~ Founder – Alan

Pro Handyman

We do removal of your old damaged drywall or worn out crumbling plaster and do installation of the new drywall. We can generally make some basic repairs as well if necessary.

Call us for repair or installation of new drywall. Let us be your choice of Handyman Service that is the Handyman Service near you and we come when you need us.

Drywall, sheetrock or plasterboard are attached to walls and ceilings and then joints are taped and joint compound is applied, it is sanded and texture is applied before painting. All looks good till a water leak happens and it is most susceptible to water damage or any forceful hit and it breaks. Good news is it can be repaired however the type of texture already applied may present a problem for a match. We take pride in doing professional installation of Drywall, Sheetrock or Plasterboard.


Remove damaged drywall, sheetrock or plasterboard and place it outside for disposal if one single level location.

Install new drywall, sheetrock or plasterboard to existing space.

Tape and mud the joints to ensure good finish.

Apply texture (if included) and prepare for paint


Additional removal of drywall to promote drying if wet.

Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation or Sewage Backup Cleanup.

Disposal Bin for proper disposal of removed materials.

Although there are a few who can do it themselves, but the majority of the people depend on services of trained and knowledgeable professional. This is where a handyman service or a handyman near you can help.

We come out to you in most of Orlando North, Orlando South, Orlando East or Orlando West and most surrounding cities around Greater Orlando including far away areas like Daytona Beach or Saint Pete. However such travel can be quite costly and expensive for customers but we have done it for several customers who choose to only use our services.

Most common need for repairing or replacing drywall is a water event, may it be a leak or a flood the drywall will soak water and the longer it sits with water less chance of saving it. However accidental damage or renovations for home makeover for a fresh look or preparation for making the home ready for new owners. We can help with other services and offer honest and fair services, likely at reduced costs, to be able to complete the repairs or to prepare the homes.