Plumbing Fixtures

We provide all plumbing fixture services involving the installation, repair, and maintenance of various fixtures in your home. Share the issues you're facing as we have experience in handling various tasks.


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Faucet Installation and Repair

Installing new kitchen or bathroom faucets.
Repairing leaks or drips in existing faucets.
Replacing worn-out or outdated faucets.

Sink Installation and Repair

Installing kitchen or bathroom sinks.
Repairing or replacing damaged sink bowls.
Addressing leaks or clogs in sink plumbing.

Toilet Installation and Repair

Installing new toilets.
Repairing or replacing toilet components such as flappers, fill valves, or flush handles.
Fixing leaks around the base of the toilet.

Shower and Tub Services

Installing new showerheads or faucets.
Repairing or replacing shower and tub valves.
Addressing leaks in shower or tub plumbing.

Garbage Disposal Services

Installing new garbage disposals.
Repairing or replacing malfunctioning disposals.
Addressing clogs or unusual noises in the disposal.

Dishwasher Installation and Repair

Installing new dishwashers.
Repairing or replacing dishwasher connections.
Addressing leaks or drainage issues.

Water Heater Services

Flushing and maintaining water heaters.
Repairing or replacing heating elements.
Addressing leaks or unusual noises from the water heater.

Shut-off Valve Installation and Repair

Installing or replacing shut-off valves for sinks, toilets, and appliances.
Repairing or addressing leaks in existing shut-off valves.

Pipe Leak Repairs

Identifying and fixing leaks in pipes.
Repairing or replacing sections of damaged pipes.
Addressing water pressure issues.

Fixture Upgrades

Upgrading outdated fixtures for a more modern look.
Installing water-efficient fixtures to conserve water.
Advising on fixture selection based on functionality and style preferences.